Elevation Consulting launches new company website

Elevation Consulting with new website

Elevation Consulting with new website

07/31/2020 – We released our new website, that reflects the new direction of the company.

Our fresh launched website marks the transition point to a clear commitment to the company’s core strengths: products and automation. The corresponding service portfolio, offers services for different stages when dealing with products and automations.

Evaluate : Execute : Elevate

It starts with a potential evaluation of the product or automations (Evaluation). This creates a solid baseline for an efficient and sustainable execution with product development, product management, automation setup and automation integration (Execute). For the growing needs we offer leadership and strategy services. Complementary automation services cover scaling and analytics challenges that will arise when stepping into a certain stage of growth (Elevate).

In the upcoming months, we will launch a bundle of products, built upon scaleable and diversified automations.